Dabba careers

Hiring process

We aim to to acquire evidence as to whether Dabba is a strong match — culturally and functionally — given your experience, ambitions, and working style. We have a simple process to evaluate compatibility.
Introductory call
In person office meet
Founder's meet
The interview process begins with 30 minutes introductory call with one of the member of our team. Purpose of this conversation is to understand your motivations and to get a feel for how your experience shapes your approach and mindset. We also want to introduce you to Dabba, share details about how we operate, and describe some of the projects we’re working on.
Writing is central to how we operate. The discipline of writing instills rigor and care into how we build the business. To gain an informed view of one’s writing, we generally ask candidates to share a writing sample and/or to complete a take-home exercise. For engineering candidates, the take-home involves writing code (and some documentation), whereas non-engineering candidates may be asked to write a memo.
We invite you to visit our office in Bangalore and spend 2-3 hours & have the opportunity to meet with individuals in similar roles, cross-functional colleagues, and to spend more time with the recruiter and hiring manager. You get to understand our work mindset while we figure out if you have the qualities to be a compatible colleague.
Our founders, Karam Lakshman and Shubhendu Sharma, care deeply about hiring at Dabba. They make a point of meeting with every candidate as the final step of the hiring process.