Full Stack Engineer

The Dabba Network is a Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network that is building high speed wireless networks from the ground up in India. We enable humans & machines with internet connectivity at a price that they can afford.

Internet and WiFi are critical to every human. Dabba is building the software, hardware & operating solutions to make internet access ubiquitous & affordable. We believe every household should come with internet, networking, and WiFi; just like water, gas, and electricity, the internet is a fundamental utility.

Unlike traditional internet solutions, Dabba's approach is vertically-integrated across engineering and operations. We design and manufacture our own hardware, develop the entire software stack, and manage our users’ network.

We are looking for people who are excited to work on complex problems, enjoy learning and working with others, and above all, are resilient and empathic. Join & help us build something amazing together for the next billion users.

About the role

Our customers chose us for a simple, seamless network experience. Our Software Engineering team is critical to meeting this expectation. The team is small but growing, and as an early member you will have a large impact in forming the foundation of the Software Engineering team and role.

As a Full Stack Engineer, you will have impact by:

  • Helping to build Dabba software from the ground up

  • Crafting experiences and tools for both internal and external users

  • Running UI experiments to craft better experience for our customers

  • Defining how explorer data flows through the system

You might be a good fit if you

  • Are comfortable working across the stack but particularly enjoy backend or frontend work

  • Architecting, developing, and testing full-stack code end-to-end

  • Experience turning designs into polished products

  • An understanding on how important low latency and performance are to user perceptions of application quality

  • Have experience and opinions building with MERN stack, PostgreSQL and AWS

  • Have built end-to-end products, from server code and data modelling at the database layer up to the UI

  • Are open to an experimental environment where we move fast and make incremental changes

  • Are comfortable taking ownership and driving technical decisions in an organisation

  • Have experience managing API integrations and data ingestion

  • You shipped an error to production and got so bothered by it, you decided to make it impossible for anyone at your company to commit the same class of error again

  • You’ve forked a library to remove features you don’t want and simplify the interface

  • Read through third party software to understand what it does and why it’s broken

Bonus points for

  • Experience with writing software for embedded projects

  • Previous experience building/working in telecom software or infrastructure

  • Previous experience building Web3 project - DeFi / Blockchain infrastructure

  • Customer-centric and passionate about working in a small & focused team

If you are interested in joining us

We encourage you to reach out even if your experience doesn't precisely match this job description. We operate with a growth mindset and expect ourselves and our colleagues to have the capacity and desire for ongoing growth.

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself, why you are interested in what we are doing, and any relevant experience you have.

  • Attach your resume.

  • Please include links to LinkedIn, Github, any code samples, or blog posts.

  • email us with above information to career@wifidabba.com

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